Coffeeshop Walking Tour Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Walking Tour Amsterdam

Learn about coffeeshoprules in the coffeeshop walking amsterdam tour, from where do the do the coffeeshops get their stuff (it’s prohibited to purchase, not to sell), decriminalization, when did it all start, meet and greet a coffeeshop owner, how do we grow the weed in Holland and much more nice to knows. If you like the liberal Amsterdam culture, this coffeeshop walking tour will make you understand how comes Dutch people are so friendly and open minded.

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Coffeeshop Walking Tour Amsterdam – Details

  • You will see the next highlights:
  • Amsterdams most famous history street with a huge soft and hard drugs problem in the early eighties.
  • A coffeeshop new fashion style where we’ll get you discount on merchandise.
  • World’s biggest coffeeshop
  • The roots from “De Jordaan”
  • The house (place of birth) of one of the kidnappers from Mr. Heineken  in 1983
  • We make some refreshment stops in the best coffeeshops of Amsterdam
  • Meet and great coffeeshop owners and real Amsterdam locals