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The tour was amazing. We did the coffeeshopbiketour last week with some Manchester blokes and it was really cool to see some hidden spots outside of the centre. After hanging out in the redlight some days this was absolutely refreshing. The local guide’s  knowledge about Dam is amazing.
Flevopark is a cool place to relax after smoking in The Stud.


We have doing the nature tour with the bikes . Beautifull …..windmill, cheesefarm , riverside, silencia . Holland is amazing. Nice to see Amsterdam about ten minutos away from the city. Grazie amico!!

Pino & Claudia from Roma

The tourguide was my Airbnb guest in Buenos Aires this year march and he told me about his plans for starting a coffeeshop biketour. As a football lover as well, I promised him to book the tour this summer when I was in Amsterdam with my boyfriend and so we did. We have done the biketour because we wanted to see the Ajax stadium and see “the Bijlmer”.  We have done the naturetour as well which was stunning. We made some amazing landscape pictures that we would never have seen without this tour.

Matias from Buenos Aires